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Social Media Marketing: CPA too high on your social media spend?

Reach the right leads with strategic, targeted campaigns on the platforms that perform best for you.

Social Media Marketing: CPA too high on your social media spend?

Reach the right leads with strategic, targeted campaigns on the platforms that perform best for you.

You already know you need to be on social media: our job is to refine your targeting.

Social media marketing includes content strategy as well as paid advertising, and a comprehensive strategy will address both. In an evolving social media landscape, the challenge is to stay up to date with changes in platform algorithms and customer behaviours. We develop and constantly adapt your targeting strategy to reach the right leads at the right time.


It's essential to tailor your social media marketing strategy to align with your business goals and to connect with the right audience. We research your audience to understand their demographics and interests, and use this information to develop an integrated strategy across relevant social media platforms. 

Analyse your audience

Social media offers a fantastic opportunity to reach potential customers at any point on the sales funnel. We analyse their online behaviour and demographics and segment into custom audiences.

Review current search trends

We evaluate your audience's search trends to identify pain points and review your website content for relevance. Does your website answer your potential customers' questions? Click-throughs from social media will result in high bounce rates if the website content is not relevant.

Analyse your competitors

We also analyse your competitors' online offerings to identify any opportunities to gain market share. And whether they are doing a good or bad job on social media, there is always something to be learnt from your competition.

Strategic Social

Understanding customer behaviour and buying trends is essential to develop an efficient and targeted social media marketing strategy.

Once launched, we constantly monitor and refine your campaigns to ensure continued results. Data gathered in-campaign feeds into efficiency and cost improvements, as well as informing retargeting campaigns and other techniques to increase conversions.

Intelligent targeting

The data gathered shows us where in the sales funnel your audience segments are, and which platforms they use. This information helps us devise engaging content and ads targeted to particular audience segments using only relevant platforms, lowering your opportunity costs.

Ad copy and creative

You need to engage and capture the attention of your prospective customers as they scroll. Attention-grabbing visuals are essential to an effective social media marketing campaign, coupled with engaging, relevant copy targeted to custom audience segments.

Ongoing optimisation

In order to deliver the highest conversion rates for the least spend we continually analyse the metrics provided by the campaign. This allows us to optimise message, creative, call to action and relevance for each audience segment. In this way we can keep building on winning results.

More than 3 billion people worldwide use social media. Are you missing an opportunity?

We can help you reach more potential customers and turn social media into a powerful revenue generator.

What makes Amatis different?

At Amatis we think beyond designing and building one-off products. Instead, we take the time to really understand your business. With our data-led approach we can help your business grow and create new opportunities online.

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