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Digital Marketing: Need help prioritising digital marketing spend?

Allocate resources and budget for maximum effect with a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing: Need help prioritising digital marketing spend?

Allocate resources and budget for maximum effect with a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

Our approach to digital marketing: collaboration, data analysis and strategic thinking

To ensure your website reaches the right audience and prompts the right response, you need on-going digital marketing. To be successful, you need a digital marketing plan that uses intelligent data analysis to inform strategy. At Amatis we have the expertise to help you create and execute a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that ensures your business achieves its online goals.


We take the time to fully understand your business in order to align with your goals. Then we undertake in-depth research and analysis of your audience, competitors and marketplace to inform the process of creating your integrated digital marketing strategy.

Digital intelligence

In-depth research into your existing online offerings, your audience and your competitors lays the groundwork for your digital marketing strategy. Understanding historical performance provides opportunities for focus and a baseline to grow from.

Collaboration for growth

We partner with you to grow your business so it is essential we understand your organisation and align with your goals. We check your systems are producing quality data and, if necessary, set them up to generate the data required to measure growth accurately.

Audience building

Effective digital marketing relies on knowing your audience. By segmenting your audience we target messaging to the right people at the right time, lowering your marketing spend while increasing your potential customer base.

Strategic digital marketing

We'll use the results of the data analysis to develop a digital marketing strategy that engages your audience and positions you as a market leader. Understanding your audience means you can focus on reaching them where they are and provide them with the content they need, whether through paid media or organic search. In this way you lead them willingly along your sales funnel, turning prospects into customers and growing your business.

Measure, test and optimise

Digital marketing campaigns generate large amounts of useful, measurable data. We use powerful tools to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns, test different calls to action and measure ROI. We then optimise campaigns based on the results. Once optimised, campaigns can be scaled if required. It's essential to set up your analytics correctly so that you know what works - and what doesn't - and why.

Communication and reporting

As your digital marketing partner we believe in keeping the lines of communication open. We will be in regular contact to discuss how your campaigns are working, highlight new or interesting trends and advise on strategy. Easy to use data visualisation tools and reporting show you how your marketing spend is performing.


Strategising on the basis of intelligent data gathering is our core reason for being. We believe data-driven digital marketing is the best, most cost effective way for you to reach your business goals and we live to help you achieve that success. We align our advice with your objectives, from setting up new KPIs to planning and launching creative campaigns; managing one channel or your entire digital marketing; or improving efficency; all based on research and strategic thinking.

Stop paying for scatter-gun advertising that delivers zero results.

Use our expertise to develop and implement a targeted digital marketing strategy delivering cost-effective growth online.

What makes Amatis different?

At Amatis we think beyond designing and building one-off products. Instead, we take the time to really understand your business. With our data-led approach we can help your business grow and create new opportunities online.

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