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Blog & Copy Writing: Are you really engaging your audience?

Present your message clearly and creatively to give your prospective customers the content they need.

Blog & Copy Writing: Are you really engaging your audience?

Present your message clearly and creatively to give your prospective customers the content they need.

Words matter. Use them wisely.

On the Internet, content is king. To attract and retain the interest of your audience, you need to provide engaging, relevant content. You have to show them why they need to buy from you, not somewhere else. We will create the right content for the right audience, to satisfy your customers' curiosity and help them make their purchase decision.


Creating relevant and engaging copy starts with understanding your audience as well as your business and your goals. Writing for the right audience is key to getting your message across effectively. We find out what your customers are searching for online in order to produce content that engages, builds trust, and converts.

Gain audience insights

We use powerful tools to gather and analyse data on your prospects' interests, demographics and pain points. This information serves to inform direction and style of writing for your online offerings.

Appraise existing content

Good online content is engaging and relevant to your audience. We will analyse your website, social media posts and other digital marketing efforts to determine where improvements can be made. Even small revisions can sometimes increase search engine rankings.

Competitor analysis

It's always worth examining your competitors' digital offerings to see what can be learnt from them. Do their customers find the information they need? This can help you identify content opportunities in your market.

Content strategy

Using the data we gather, we plan creatively to guide your prospects through their purchasing journey. Giving your audience the content they need allows you to engage and educate, to develop a relationship and to convert throughout your sales funnel.

In addition, regularly adding high quality content positions you as a leader in your industry and helps you rank better on search engines.

Audience targeting

We've learned what your customers' pain points are and we can use that to develop content that appeals to them. Refinement of style comes from the demographic data, so for example whether they want top ten tips or technical papers. By appealing to a specific market segment you increase your likelihood of moving the customer along your sales funnel.

Presenting your message

In the light of the data gathered during the  research phase, we can either edit your own content or write it for you. Our copy writers are experts in writing quality content for the web which attracts, engages, positions you as an authority, and contributes to customer conversion.

Content marketing

Ongoing promotion of your content is integral to your digital marketing success. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as through paid advertising, social media posts and email marketing. The more interesting and useful your content, the more inbound links you will gain, and therefore the more authority you will have.

Increase your visibility, engagement and conversion rate with appealing content targeted at the right audience.

What makes Amatis different?

At Amatis we think beyond designing and building one-off products. Instead, we take the time to really understand your business. With our data-led approach we can help your business grow and create new opportunities online.

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