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Reporting & Analytics: Are you making the best use of your data?

Understand your customers better and make smarter marketing decisions with intelligent data analysis.

Reporting & Analytics: Are you making the best use of your data?

Understand your customers better and make smarter marketing decisions with intelligent data analysis.

Assumptions are not enough.

Marketing, and particularly digital marketing, has transformed in the last few years. Powerful tools can interrogate the vast amounts of data websites and other online offerings generate. We will use this data to understand your audience, helping you to target, refine and measure the success of your digital marketing.

Intelligent data

A successful digital marketing campaign focuses on your audience. We use the data to show you your customer's journey from their initial research through to purchase. Analysing the data means you truly understand your audience's demographics and interests. This enables strategic digital marketing across a range of platforms, ensuring you target the right audience with the right message.

Audience insights

We use the data gathered from your online offerings as well as the wider internet to understand your prospects' interests, demographics and pain points. This in turn informs all aspects of your digital marketing, such as which social media platforms to use, the style of writing to employ, and which calls to action are most likely to work.

Suitability of data

It's important to ensure that the data you're gathering is sound. After all, there's no point working off data which can't give you the insights you need. We will check that your systems are producing quality data and, if necessary, set them up correctly to generate the data required.

Competitor comparison

Publicly available competitor offerings such as websites and social media posts can also be analysed for comparison. Seeing what your competitors are succeeding or failing at can often highlight areas of opportunity for your organisation.

Analysis and monitoring

Data analysis helps you understand your audience, a fundamental pillar of your digital marketing strategy. We also analyse your digital offerings on an ongoing basis to reveal which strands of your integrated strategy are effective and which are not working optimally. You can then use this information to allocate resources and budget appropriately.

Effective analytics

The results of digital marketing campaigns are hugely measurable. We use powerful SEO tools to understand search intent and relevance; tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook pixel to segment your audience so that you can tailor your message to different groups; and conversion tracking software to understand your customer journey and determine the most effective calls to action. Setting up your analytics correctly is key to knowing what's successful in terms of your digital marketing spend.


It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of data. We'll present the results of our analyses in an easy-to-understand form. We can help identify the really important KPIs, i.e. what numbers you need to focus on daily, monthly or quarterly so that you can see at a glance what works and what doesn't.


We can advise you on digital marketing strategy for performance and growth based on the results of the data. We align our advice with your business goals and objectives, and back it up with the results of monitoring and testing. From planning campaigns to setting up new KPIs, managing one channel or your entire digital marketing, we partner with you for the best outcome.

Digital marketing without data analysis is like trying to shoot arrows blindfolded.

Know what works and what doesn't with a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

What makes Amatis different?

At Amatis we think beyond designing and building one-off products. Instead, we take the time to really understand your business. With our data-led approach we can help your business grow and create new opportunities online.

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